Gender Stereotypes, Gender, Stereotype, And Media Essay

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In this study, gender stereotypes exhibited in characters in the media were observed and measured. Stereotypes are very present in society and can affect the way we see and think about people. In all forms of media, characters exhibit stereotypical behaviors associated with their gender, and many gender stereotypes were observed in subjects involved in this study. Characters were selected by searching for popular commercials and recording the characters behaviors, which were then, compared to a list gender stereotypical behaviors. Subjects were either marked as male stereotypical, female stereotypical, or gender neutral. A chi-square test was used to analyze the collected data on one hundred observed characters. Key words are gender, stereotype, and media

Topic: The Differences in Behavior of Male and Female Characters
In this study, characters from many aspects of the media and entertainment were looked at to assess if they displayed gender stereotypes. When looking at multiple studies on gender stereotypes, it was found that stereotypes were almost always present for both males and females. Across some forms of media, the number of men tripled that of women, yet women still exhibited the most gender stereotypes.
Downs et al. (2010) found that women represented 14% of all characters in selected popular games, and nearly always exhibited stereotypes. In Fitzpatrick et al. (2010) when women were represented, 68% of females showed stereotypical…

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