Gender Stereotypes And The Media Essay

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Gender is defined by social concepts formed by culture and society. All over the media we see gender stereotypes that portray how a man and a woman should look and act. Indeed, this is known as femininity and masculinity. Even before we are born we are assigned a gender, through the colors and designs of our blankets, room, diapers, toys and clothing. According to society every woman and man should abide to these stereotypes we see in our everyday lives in order to fit in. For instance, when we watch television we see shows, films, and commercials that portray these gender stereotypes. It is understood by society, men have to be physically and mentally strong. Like Tony Porter mentioned in his Ted Talk “A Call to Men”, men are seen as superior, whereas women are seen as inferior. Because, society chooses to accept gender stereotypes portrayed by the media, it creates gender roles which lead to inequality and prejudice.
The media has perpetuated these stereotypes we should abide to, at such a young age. In every Disney movie there is always a tough, handsome, and muscular guy. As well, as an outcast, who is a weak, short, and fat and is treated badly by the rest including women. The article “Harmful Gender Stereotypes in Our Favourite Disney Classic.” mentions how the masculinity in men has been seen through the heroes, who save the princesses in the movies. The article stated “These rich, charming, good looking men have to protect their princesses from the danger they put…

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