Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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Disney movies are not so G-rated as many assume. Disney movies portray secrets that are hard to catch while watching. There are regulations to pass in order for movies to be G-rated. Somehow Disney producers can get movies to meet the regulations with having all those secrets in the movies. Those secrets hidden in Disney movies have to do with hetero- romantic love and heterosexiness. I argue that today’s definition of hetero- romantic and heterosexuality is way different than years ago. Today people express love and sexuality openly no matter what age the listeners are.
Relieving The Invisible About G-rated Disney Movies
Once upon a time Fiona married Lord Farquaad and Shrek married an ogre, Cinderella didn’t fit into the glass slipper,
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Disney movies do a lot of what West & Zimmerman call Doing Gender. Gender is something everyone grows up just doing it, and not knowing why they do it. There are different rules between men’s bathrooms and women’s bathrooms. Humans grow up being taught what those different gender roles are and they think nothing about it. Men are taught to be masculine and powerful, while women are taught to do deference. Most men have the highest positions in work areas. Monsters University did the opposite. The leader of the university was a woman not a man. In the Disney movie Shrek Forever After, the gender roles were just the same as society. The ruler, Rumplestiltskin, was a man trying to be masculine and prove to his kingdom he had all of the power. Women are meant for all of the household work, take care of the kids, etc. Men do all of the workoutside. In the beginning of Shrek Forever After, Shrek was feeding the kids, cleaning the bathrooms, and doing the manly work. He was getting frustrated because he was always getting called to do some kind of work. Now a days men do participate more on helping with the kids and cleaning and women help a little with doing outside work. Gender roles have mixed together now versus the past. Gender roles can be played in many ways but if people look at the big picture most gender roles all connect in many …show more content…
Everyone knows the board game monopoly, but not many people really know the truth about the social classes that are exposed while playing the game, and how it connects to the real world and even movies. Everyone knows that there are social class in this world. Some might not want to believe which social class they are in. There is a version of Monopoly where the pieces are airplane, computer, coffee, sneaker, and french fries. Everyone starts out with different amounts of money and property that they own. Airplanes represent the upper class so they get the most money and property. French fries represent the lower class so they start out with barely any money and no property. Of course airplane is going to win every time. Everyone starts out with different amounts of money because in life people are born into whatever social class their parents are in. If someone is a french fry, it is very hard for them to get all the up to be an airplane. Most people stay in the social class they were born their whole life. In the Disney movie, Monsters University Mike was part of the lower class. He was never good enough to get into the cool parties. He had to work super hard to try to get to the top and even in the end he still wasn’t good enough to be a scarer. Sully Sullivan on the other hand represented the upper class. His last name was well known to the college so he became a top scarer almost

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