Gender Stereotypes And Its Impact On Our Society Essay

876 Words Sep 8th, 2016 4 Pages
“Gender stereotypes are very influential; they affect conceptualizations of women and men. They establish social categories that represent what people think. Even when beliefs vary from reality, the beliefs can be very powerful forces in judgements of self and others” (Brannon, 2011, pg. 47). When first reading this quote I did not grasp the full message the author was trying to express. After reflecting on the concept, I can now see the importance behind the passage and the value and influence that gender stereotypes play in our lives. The whole concept of gender has made an incredible impact on my life. Gender is more than male and female, it impacts the way we view the world and the individuals around us. It affects the way we view ourselves and the way we approach situations and challenges in our everyday lives. Gender stereotypes have the power to affect our perceptions of the world. I have felt the impact of these stereotypes by the way I view the world and also the way others have viewed me. Understanding the concept of gender and the effect it plays on an individual will help me become a more competent social worker in my future career of social work. So what is a gender stereotype? According to Brannon (2011) “A gender stereotype consists of beliefs about the psychological traits and characteristics of, as well as the activities appropriate to, men or women (pg. 46). After reading about this and discussing this concept in class, I decided to apply it to my…

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