Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles Essay example

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It’s no secret that stereotypical gender roles are continuously used today. We’ve come a long way with the women civil rights movements, but certain gender norms are still socially accepted because of the long ingrained habits; Women are still interpreted as submissive and men are portrayed as dominate. Language and Gender by Penelope Eckert and Sally Mcdonnell-Genet explore the concept of gender roles, and how as a society we 've conditioned ourselves to automatically accept these roles. Men automatically lean towards being aggressive and asserting dominance, while woman are pushed to the opposite side of the spectrum. “Gender is a set of practices through which people construct and claim identities.”(47) The problem lies within the practices that dictated by society in creating those identities. Starting young, even before birth, we are imminently separated by gender. A new phenomena is gender reveal announcements for expecting parents. Announcing the gender of a baby begins the cycle of molding them to fit labels established by society. Starting small with girls get pink balloons while males get blue; boys tryout for the football team and girls go for the cheerleading; men take on the roll of supporting a family, and woman are meant to be homemakers. These stereotypical positions reinforced the gender opposition of woman being submissive and men being dominate. The issue of gender oppositions is accepted by media, that often enhance these ideas through advertisements.…

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