Gender, Social, And Gender Essay

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Gendered spaces are areas created to control the arrangement and placement of genders. Creating gender neutral spaces can create a significant impact on society for a variety of reasons. There have been many people who have questioned the serious lack of gender sensitive architecture. Starting with the criticism of feminine materials in the industrial revolution, through the pioneers of the modern movement. The development of the concepts gender and sex has constituted an unprecedented revolution since the first half twentieth century. While sex comes determined by the biological differences between humans, gender is a cultural construct and therefore, its deconstruction is possible. In addition, to this initial start point we must understand social, political and economic roles of female or male according to sex. “To understand the relationships between architecture and gender, it is necessary to consider the concept of patriarchy” (Lico). Patriarchy is the system that organizes both gender and architecture. Patriarchy organizes gender in a way in which men are more powerful than women. Power relations between genders assigns a suggested hierarchy of different roles based on gender. We may categorize female as different but with the same respect to the male. The patriarchal system explains and serves to establish the oppression of women throughout the history of humanity both in its strong version and its weak version, and it is the source of unfair practices and habits…

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