Essay on Gender, Sex, And The City

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HBO broke tradition with the introduction of a female dominated TV series, Sex and the City. Although there have been countless shows geared to female audience, Sex and the City shed light on issues of female stereotypes and really focused on breaking away from these roles. The show offers complex versions of postmodern female identity. The identities of the show 's four main female characters are structured in direct relation to sexual, familial and economic freedom and in opposition to patriarchy. Three of these characters represent a vase majority of positions woman struggle with in society.

Charlotte York 's character represents the repressed female role of woman 's place being in the home raising children. Charlotte 's goals are focused on a very old world concept of females in the household, she strives to be defined by marriage and aims to have a man take care of her. She struggles with finding self worth when her picture perfect marriage fails and issues of fertility surface. Her life is shattered when what she strives for most, to be a wife and mother, seem impossible. Charlotte represent a vast majority of woman that find satisfaction in building a family, but that is not the only role allotted to woman.

Miranda Hobbes is considered the working girl. She works for a law firm in which she fights to gain partnership. Miranda shed light on social acceptance of woman in the work place and the idea of not striving for a family. She demonstrates constant…

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