Gender Roles : The Journey Towards Gender Equality Essay

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Gender Roles in Work Place
The journey towards gender equality has existent for more than a century, tracing its roots from the suffragettes of the 19th century and the prehistoric attempts to reduce gender-based prejudice. Similar to other forms of discrimination, gender biases emanate from cultural beliefs and norms that organize human race into stereotypes and use the same stereotypes to determine capability, position, as well as societal roles. Historically, the male stereotype has been applauded, assigned to certain roles both at home and at the workplace, leaving the females to only participate as subordinates hardly holding the leadership position. However, with the continued feminism actions, the line between gender roles continue to blur, with Hillary Clinton 's attempt to secure the presidential seat in the US marked as the greatest achievement.
In essence, accordance with the civilization of man, gender is expected to be a non-issue in assigning roles in the workplace. However, the practicability of this presumption remains adamant following the underlying traditions, perceptions, and beliefs that associate gender with individual capability. This paper analyses the issue of gender roles in the workplace in wide perspective incorporating the underlying beliefs, ever growing tensions, the conflicting theories about the issue in an effort to understand this intricate and belligerent discussion. Substantially, as gender bias tends to diminish in the modern…

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