Observation Of Gender In Public Relations Class

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Every class and every instructor is different in how they teach their classes to all of their students. I decided to see how my own education is gendered and I chose two classes to observe how gender can be used in my own education. The two classes that I chose were Public Relations and Conflict Management in communication. One Professor is female and the other is male so it would be a good idea to get both perspectives on how they each teach. The makeup of the classes was both fairly similar. There were class lectures that you have to attend and also readings you must read in order to pass the class. The classes were both fairly similar in the way that they both were in the subject in communication.
First of all, there were a lot of things we have learned that explains the difference between gender in how things are taught with dealing with education. Generic language in terms such as “he” and “man” were used in both classes. When describing a man my professors would use “he” and when describing a woman, they would say “she”. In both classes some examples did feature woman but not as much as they featured men. In my Public Relations class, we talk about the
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In my Public Relations class, the roles females were presented in the material were of dependency and supporting others. It goes over history and back then females were relied on for supporting others. In that same class females were also in some of the major points of the class material. Males were not often portrayed in those same roles. As females were a big part of the material, males were even a bigger part of the material especially when my professor went over the history of Public relations. Women are presented in caregiving roles much more than men. In my Conflict Management class, you can tell that the woman is given that role much more than men and that can bring up some conflict as

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