Gender Roles In John Hughes's The Breakfast Club

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Simple Minds: A Deeper Look at Gender Roles For many, high school is either the best or worst time of their life. In John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club, he brings to life the reality and struggles of being a young man or woman. In the movie, gender roles (standards set by society for what is “normal” for a particular gender) are set by adults in a position of power. As teenagers from all over the country absorb these labels, it sets minors up for who they will become in the future; whether that be positive or negative.
If the students are judged from the moment they walk in the door by appearance alone, many conclusions can be drawn. Both female characters, Claire and Allyson, wore skirts. By depicting the characters in skirts, it not only
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In situations where the principal asks the boys to move heavy objects, and blames the boys for all of the trouble, it instills gender roles on impressionable minds. For example, boys were disciplined in a much harsher way than the girls. Brian’s mom states that “it better not happen again” yet Claire’s father implies that skipping school to go shopping is justifiable and should not be punished. The impact that teachers, principals, parents, and adult leaders have on young minds determines how stereotypes are addressed in the …show more content…
The degrading way that Bender flirts with Claire throughout the entire movie explains a more complicated generalization between men and women. The sexual expectation for young men is explained when Bender “lays around” and uses women as options. He brags about it because he is proud of it. It is socially acceptable for a man to have many “options.” Meanwhile, Brian shies away from Claire not wanting her to know that he is a virgin because that would not be socially acceptable for a man his age to have never had sex. As Claire is asked about her sexual choices she refuses to admit either way because Allyson states, “if you have you’re a slut, but if you haven’t you’re a prude.” Finally Allyson admits to having sex with her therapist multiple times and talks about a wide age difference. This not only grosses out her peers but manipulates Claire into admitting her stance. In the split second that they thought Allyson truly had relations with many men, everyone’s demeanor towards her changed. She was talked down upon and seemed “easy” to them. There is a double standard between men and women when it comes to sex. Not only is it degrading to women, but it is unhealthy for both

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