Gender Roles In Finding Nemo

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While Dory’s display of female power in the film, in regards to her relationship with Marlin and the role of her mental disability, is indicative of a constructive gender message with respect to women’s capabilities in society, there are other aspects of the plot, which indicate a sort of contrasting female gender implication and scenario. Moving from the underwater sea setting and emerging to the background of the dentist’s office on land, the creatures in the fish tank meet the young female character named Darla. Much like the other characters in the film, Darla’s behaviors, actions, and personality can be viewed as abnormal and irrational, depicting a character that does not act according to the way the audience expects young girls, like Darla, to. As a society, it is commonly associated with the persona of young female gender, that girls be complacent, reserved, …show more content…
By result, various characters, are shown to have certain discrepant gender qualities that the audience and other characters do not associate with their pre-formulated personas/societal roles. Such discrepancies can be interpreted as disabilities on the characters’ behalf. For this reason, they are affected in various regards, in terms of their relationships, lifestyle, etc. This cinematic scenario is indicative of the way gender roles and performances are integral in society today, in that a strong emphasis/importance is placed on behaving the way society expects, according to one’s gender. Those who do not, are seen as outcasts and may face more struggles as a result. These gender ideas surround many, and through examples of literature and media, can either be suppressed or

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