Essay about Gender Roles : Cinderella II

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Gender roles in Cinderella II
Gender roles are very pronounced in many movies. The Disney movie, Cinderella II, is a great example of expressing the stereotypical gender roles of men and women. In this movie, Cinderella is assigned the “girl” jobs in the palace such as planning a ball and a festival. However, she has absolutely no experience in doing such events. Later in the movie, she discovered that her stepsister, Anastasia, has fallen in love with the baker but Cinderella’s evil stepmother strongly objects. In Cinderella II, the women must plan parties and banquets while the men deal with work. Consequently, Cinderella and the Prince come back from their honeymoon and the Prince rushes off with the king to deal with foreign business matters. This is very stereotypical of men because men are suppose to deal with the things that “bring the bread to the table.” The women do household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and planning parties. An example of this would be when there is a massive party at the castle and Cinderella must plan it with the help of the mistress. While she is being taught how to plan a ball, Cinderella becomes fatigued and upset. She acts like the typical girl that is weak. Near the end of the day, Cinderella collapsed on the dance floor. After she rose from the ground, she ran to her bedroom, flopped down on the bed, and began to sob. This shows that she is fragile and gets fatigued quickly. This always happens. Just because she is crying doesn’t…

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