Essay on Gender Roles As A Social Norm

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Gender Roles
Since the beginning of mankind, specific activities have been performed by men or women based on their physical activity. Society has always classified everything in two different categories; masculine and feminine. For instance, drinks, color, hobbies, jobs, and roles have specific genders based on what society has determined to be girly or manly. Moreover, homosexuals have been more affected by this because society has tried to identify the gender role of each person involved in the relationship. Although society has embraced gender stereotype as a regular norm, gender stereotype should not be embraced because it only limits the person to perform certain activities, apply for certain jobs, wear or use a specific color based on the gender.
Society has defined gender roles as a social norm that should be accepted and followed by every person that identifies themselves as a man or a woman. defines gender role as, “the public image of being a particular gender that a person presents to others” Furthermore, this social norm should not only be followed by heterosexual people, but also by gay people according to society. It does not make sense for gay people to have a gender role because the relationship is formed by individuals of the same gender that share the same gender stereotypes in every aspect of life that society has taught them. However, people still tried to classified the gender role in a gay relationship like they would normally do in a…

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