Gender Roles And Stereotypes Of Women Essay

1042 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Over the course of human history men and women have been at odds due to believed gender differences and stereotypes. In the in class readings and videos it has been shown that despite the efforts to eradicate gender roles and stereotypes the issues of the past are still largely at hand. Men and women both suffer from gender roles and stereotypes which have created a society in which boys and girls are taught to act a certain way. This has created a society that does not give equal rights of opportunity to women.

From a young age, girls and boys are expected to follow certain gender roles so they fit the mold society believes is best for them. In Emma Watson’s speech to the UN council she explains the thing holding back gender equality are the crippling gender stereotypes that don’t allow men and women to be themselves. Women are sexualized from a young age, and if they try to get their views heard they are considered bossy, and controlling. Women are taught to be submissive and easy to work with according to Dasha Burns, in her reaction to Jennifer Lawrence’s pay gap essay. She explains men on the other hand are taught to be aggressive and should “demand to be heard.” Many men and women in today’s society have broken the stereotypical gender roles, such as actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, but, even 700 years ago Geoffrey Chaucer wrote of a similar societal figure. His Wife of Bath character is a feisty woman, who speaks her mind and stands her own against her…

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