Gender Roles And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Pink is a girl’s color and blue is a boy’s color. This has been a norm in our society for a period of time. Does this norm have an effect on our society and how it is functioning today? Gender role is a set of societal norms dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable for people, based on their actual sex. Gender role is almost equivalent to a rule one should follow based on your gender. If you are a girl, you cook, clean, wash clothes and like the color pink. If you are a boy, you man up, do not cry, are strong and work long hours. The thought of gender role in today’s society forms the way we live our day to day lives.
Pink is a girl’s color. We hear this statement constantly, but really what makes pink a girl’s color? Is it because most girls in our society like the color pink or is it because it is just a norm for us? For an illustration, girls are supposed to be sensitive, weak, and emotional. If a girl were to ever show strength or be unsympathetic they would not fit in the norm of our society. When you do not fit the norms of our society life tends to get harder. People will look at you differently if you are not like them. Women have certain roles placed on them by our society they are to perform. Women are supposed to clean up after their children and husband, make dinner for their family every night, wash the family’s clothes and take care of the children all by herself. These tasks are something a woman does every day to fulfill her…

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