Essay about Gender Roles And Its Effect On Children

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A majority of parents want and expect their children to get the best education possible. There aren’t many who would wish their child to not emerge as a well rounded, successful individual who is recognized in their career. Therefore, parents spend a large amount of time deciding on where to spend their money for a top-notch schooling experience. The debate on whether a parent should send their child to an all female school or all male school has came up in recent years. Will this be contributing to children becoming more productive and lucrative later in life, one can ask. Segregating adolescents by gender in schools can only lead to hurting their development and socialization with the opposite sex. Granting the allowance for children to go to these schools will create critical mishaps for down the road. As a matter of fact, an essential part of adolescence is learning to take care of oneself. The duration of puberty results in learning that both genders need to take care of themselves. Without the opposite sex, teens will not learn that it is crucial to keep their hygiene up to par. According to seventeen year old, Liesel Haskell, who attended an all girls school, most females forgo the usual makeup routine and dressing up for everyday classes. She goes on to talk about how some boys will be visiting the classrooms for the day. Liesel makes this remark regarding the situation, “On an average school day, I walk around campus wearing sweat pants and not a stitch of makeup.…

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