Gender Roles And Female Behavior Essay

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Everyone knows that there are significant differences between men and women, even if they are only physical. Are women and men subject to different roles or behavior expectations? Gender roles by definition are the social norms that dictate what is socially appropriate male and female behavior (Tobias, 1997). In early American culture, it was common for a women’s role to be a submissive homemaker in clear contrast to the men aggressive breadwinner role. Gender roles influence women and men in almost every area of life including family and occupation as well as pay discrimination.

The seventies were the beginning of the Women’s Movement and the end of the ideals we held about what it is to be a "man" and what it is to be a "woman." Gender roles in Western society have changed rapidly in recent years. The transformation was created by evolutionary changes in society, including economic changes, and maybe by people feeling the pressured to change or feeling that the traditional social structure was somehow unjust or unfair. Gender roles are a part of the socialization process of human beings. These roles are influenced by the individual 's cultural and economic background.

The gender wage gap has been around since women began having jobs and careers. Although in the beginning the gender wage gap was purely due to discrimination caused by social stereotypes, now it has become more complicated than that. The issue today has evolved into a complex one which combines our…

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