Gender Representation Of Male And Females Essay

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Gender Representation There are typical representations for both males and females. Usually the well known representation of a male is to be strong, manly and brave. The typical representation of a female is to be loving, innocent and a mother. This is what each gender 's representation usually was back then. Nowadays, the representation of each males and females has changed. More and more males are taking on the “jobs of women” as in being the one to take care of and spend the most time with the kids. This happens because more and more women are becoming very independent and making careers for themselves. The percentage amount of women that go to college now are bigger than ever. Because more and more of them are going to college and earning degrees to get a better job, some men end up taking more time doing things like cleaning, cooking, or taking care of their kids. Women fought for their right to vote and after they got the right to vote they have become very strong hearted who will not stop until they feel equal to the men in society. After earning the right to vote more women started to learn they do not need a man to take care of them. Therefore, they take initiative and go to college to get a better job. Men still hold the representation of being manly and working hard to earn money to provide for his family. It it just more common now that it is “acceptable” for men to stay home and take care of the kids while the wife goes to work everyday providing the most for…

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