Essay on Gender Is A Social Construct

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Gender, as defined in our lecture, is simply the attitudes and perceptions that are attached to femininity and masculinity. Professor Latorre also emphasized that gender is a social construct; there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims that individuals make regarding what makes gender. This unreal construct influences every aspect of an individual’s life including what individuals are supposed to wear. Gender constructs are ingrained into each person from a young age. This ingrained belief has become a way for media to pit individuals against each other, and a ploy to increase revenue. Society has used gender to classify what individuals are permitted to wear and what nudity is acceptable. When individuals step outside of their norm, or wear the same thing, society immeditaly uses it to degrade individuals and sell magazines.
Women have a restricted fashion world, even though from the outside it appears to be free. Women are expected to be conservative, sexy, and constantly changing their fashion in order to keep up with trends. Men, on the other hand, are able to consistently wear tailored suits and be praised. These standards are seen on a daily basis. Online there are hundreds of articles on what Beyoncé wore while shopping, while it glosses over a rapper getting a DUI. On every red carpet females are asked who designed their clothing; men on the other hand are normally spared an entire conversation about their clothes. Magazines also have entire sections…

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