Gender Is A Gender Equal Society Essay

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“A gender-equal society would be one where the word 'gender ' does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.” -Gloria Steinem. In the world, typically two choices are presented. Either female, or male. Walking down the street, individuals can generally differentiate between two genders. This is based on the two genders that are chosen at birth. But, sometimes at birth, the choice is not as simple as testes, chromosomes, or genitalia. According to the Intersex Society of North America on the number of births of Intersex individuals, “ the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births.” (1) That is one person who can’t be categorized as female or male. The way you decide what their gender is by gender identity. This is when an individual chooses whether they’re male or female through personal choice. Firstly, the way you decide gender is by their gender identity. There are some cases where men are more exposed to estrogen, or their body has a insensitivity that doesn’t respond to testosterone. In these cases, they either identify with male or female. They continue to make the choice of their gender, by how they personally identify. The individual feels like a woman stuck inside of a man’s body, and they need the choice to decide on their gender. Just like with the children who are born with both genitalia. Their gender cannot be decided at birth, when they are not sure of who they are at that time. When they form who they believe they are, then the…

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