Gender Inequality Within The Workplace Essay

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Equity describes the relative distribution of resources and this area can be viewed through different lenses such as sociology, economics and psychology (Hebl et al., 2004). Inequity therefore, exists when such resources are unfairly distributed in a given field. Gender inequity in sport exists due to the large gap between male and female employment, where men significantly hold more administrative and coaching positions than women do. Some of the issues that arise in regard to gender inequity involve the hiring process, the work environment, pay discrepancies, interest level, qualification and burnout (Yiamouyiannis & Osborne, 2012). In the context of sport, the games promote values of fairness, respect and good character. If the governing bodies of sport cannot address this issue of gender inequity, an ethical problem exists due to the unfair treatment of women in the workplace.
Prior to the passing of the Title IX antidiscrimination law, women were viewed solely as teachers, nurses, and homemakers, who were excluded from opportunities for good jobs and equal pay. The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 (Lopiano, 2000) was ground breaking for women as this law allowed women to participate in sport regardless of their gender and race. The creation of Title IX paved the way for women and girls to find their place in society. Parents understood that sport participation was a positive piece in the physical, emotional and social well-being of their children (Lopiano, 2000). For…

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