Gender Inequality Within Hollywood Through Gender Wage Gap And The Underrepresentation Of Women

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Idealized notions male of superiority are sustained and reinforced in Hollywood through gender-wage gap and the underrepresentation of women on and off-screen in Hollywood. In-between these two main issues are the tying sub issues of an uncontrollable force, age, and the devaluation of female roles in Hollywood that amplifies male superiority and emphasizes gender bias, gender difference and gender inequality.
Gender inequality as a product of gender differences is still existent in Hollywood maybe to a lesser extent than 50 years ago but still prevalent notwithstanding. It also still exists in the workplace and in the media’s portrayal of gender. With the focus on Hollywood, lets take for instance the recent public discovery as a result of the Sony hacking that Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male counterparts in the 2013 box office movie, American hustle. Jennifer Lawrence who had already rose to prominence through her work in the opening Hunger games franchise and her role as Mystique in X-Men: First class, was to be paid 7% of the profits from the movie while her male co-stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper were paid 9% of the profits (Needham, 2014). As seen from this real life example, all things equal, the male stars are viewed superior resulting in gender inequality manifesting itself through the gender-pay (or gender-wage) gap.
Gender-pay gap
As witnessed above, pay is one of the essential aspects of gender difference and gender inequality in…

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