Gender Inequality In Turkey Essay

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GENDER INEQUALITY IN TURKEY Throughout the history of mankind the biological differences of men and women are reflected onto daily life. Most of the time, this difference caused underestimation of women and limited women in so many ways. Nowadays, this perception is not much different. “The situation of women in the contemporary world calls urgently for moral stand-taking. Women, a majority of the world’s population, receive only a small proportion of its opportunities and benefits.” (Nussbaum & Glover, 1995, p.2). In some countries value of women is even lower, and Turkey is one of these countries. Actually, the status of women in Turkey has become a really important topic with the increasing news about negative attitude towards women occupying …show more content…
The status of women is formed by the perspective of public about women. If the status of women is considered from a universal perspective, it is obvious that women are seen inferior to men throughout the history. The biological facts show that women are generally weaker than men physically, but this doesn’t mean that women should be treated as second-class. This discrimination against women, causes women to be underestimated therefore women cannot show their talents, intelligence or any kind of capabilities because they are attributed to only have the duty of taking care of household and should not interfere with anything else. The cultural conventions stand in the way of women’s prosperity. Unfortunately, many customs present women inferior to men, less worthy of basic human rights related with life standards (Nussbaum et. al, 1995). Another disturbing fact is that women are seen as a sexual object worldwide. This understanding brings also a demeaning attitude towards women. In Islamic world women are treated poorly as the incidents like men have the right to marry more than one woman or men killing their own daughters I the name of pride, show. The social status of women in Turkey is a synthesis of the universal understanding and Islamic traditions thus causes segregation of …show more content…
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