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Journal Article Paper Review Women are inaccurately portrayed through advertising by common stereotypes and sexually appealing to customers. The conflict theory strives to explain why this is a problem.
Current Trends in the Data: A large part of a person’s day involves observing advertisements. They are all around us in the form of billboards, commercials, and magazines. People are portrayed in advertisements in different ways to sell a product. Usually if an advertisement involves household appliances or children, a woman will be in the ad. These types of gender roles are commonly found in advertising. In a recent study by Mager & Helgeson (2010), “males were shown playing the executive role more than females” (p. 247). This has been
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This journal article review was focused on gender equality in advertising. In this paper I focused specifically on how women are portrayed in advertising. The documents I had chosen showed that advertisements are filled with inequality and cause conflict throughout society. The conflict theory would support that the material in advertisements have changed through the years. Although stereotypes of women have relaxed overtime, they are still found I advertisements. Society continues to stereotype and define women as sexual objects. The conflict theory would agree that gender is linked to social inequality in …show more content…
Our country would be benefitted if we stopped viewing women as house wives. These types of stereotypes about women further increase gender inequality. In addition, society should agree that sexualizing women is a problem in advertising. However, if consumers respond, “publicly and positively to derogatory humor, this may increase the likelihood that companies will use similar marketing strategies in the future” (167). If people are offended by advertising companies’ use of stereotyping and sexual appeal, society should stop buying products from companies that sexualize women. This would force companies to change their advertising methods to get consumers to buy their products. If we all did this, women could become more equal to men and stereotypes would likely

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