Gender Inequality By Helen Potrebenko 's Taxi Essay

1258 Words Nov 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Gender inequality is something women have always struggled with due to the domination from their male counterparts, however, women are not the only ones affected by this. Taking the workforce of a city as an example, women are indeed deprived of the freedom and opportunities that are given to men in terms of choice of career and salary, however this in turn also affects the city as a whole. Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi! gives many examples of such situations, and in my paper I will prove that Potrebenko shows that employment opportunities being limited for women due to patriarchy is what keeps the city from changing in a positive manner. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “city” is home, and home is somewhere where one is safe, however, unfortunately this is not always the case, especially for women. In Taxi!, the main character, Shannon, works as a taxi driver and she comes across a female passenger that says “‘I hate this part of town…I’m always so frightened’” (35). Despite initially having been reluctant about telling Shannon that her friend had been killed, the lady proceeds to do so and I believe this is because the female is more comfortable talking to another female. By giving women job opportunities such as Shannon’s, women would be given more importance within the city and as a result they would not only feel safer and more confident moving from place to place, but also in interacting with others. For example, had a man been in Shannon’s…

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