Gender Inequality And Gender Inequalities Essay

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In many cultures in the world, people are determining social role based on gender disparities. In social construction, gender is used to differentiate roles, responsibilities, rights, abilities and limitations between men and women. Patriarchy system can be seen as a set of social rules or norms based on maleness, where man is placed as the head of family, property owner, protector, and decision maker. As Lauren Wilcox (2007) explains, “Gender symbolism describes the way in which masculine/feminine are assigned to various dichotomies that organize Western thought” where “both men and women tend to place a higher value on the term which is associated with masculinity”. This vertical power relation, create a social hierarchy based on masculine and feminine characteristics, in which many Feminist called it as Hegemonic Masculinity. Women are portrayed as caring, nurture, emotional, interdependent, and vulnerable, therefore they are assigned in domestic labor, nurturing children, and object of protection. On the other hand, men are seen and expected to be rational, independent, tough, physically strong, and aggressive figure. The role of men are leader, decision maker, and protector for their family and society. Traditional perspective, especially Realist, of International Relations takes human behavior as reflection of state’s behavior. As to cope the anarchic world where competition is the main characteristic, state has to act rational, aggressive, and possess great power of…

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