Gender Inequality And Discrimination Of Women Essay

1281 Words Jan 15th, 2016 6 Pages
An Indian teenager named Dolly Kumari was only 12 years old when a 25 year old man threw acid at her face because she would not have sex with him. The acid left immense scarring, it damaged her nostrils making it hard to breath, and it also mentally impaired her and ruined her confidence. She did not leave her house for almost a year and when she thinks about her future, she is terrified and worried that no one will want to marry her due to her scars. This terrifying story is an example of the gender inequality and discrimination towards women in our world today (They Don 't Want to Kill You, They Want to Make You Ugly). For every man in the world there is a woman. In all countries the birth rate is almost equal between the two genders. For every 105 boys that are born, there are 100 girls (How Many Women vs. Men Are There in Cities around the World). That statistic is almost equal, but not quite. Just like our society. The women of the world are not seen as equals compared to men and often get put down and even physically harmed. The citizens of our world today do not see women as equivalent citizens compared to the male gender resulting in not only mental abuse, but physical abuse as well.
Women of this generation are being severely discriminated and do not have equal rights compared to men. Women are degraded everywhere around the world but they deserve better for many reasons. Women deserve to have rights equal to mean because they are biologically stronger, to stop the…

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