Examples Of Feminism In Today's World

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Feminist Ethics in Today’s World.

As everybody knows this is the 21st century, but can women all over the world come out and say they are not the most subjugated people in this world? Ever since the beginning of time women have been assigned specific gender roles. During the Stone Age men hunted while women picked fruits and were responsible for nurturing the family. However, as time went on some cultures decided to give education or manage political affairs, such as the Ancient Egyptians, but on the other hand, most cultures decided to oppress women were they were only seen as breeders and homemakers. A woman had no place in society back then. Therefore, the root of female subjugation lies in the social conditions.
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Women were also often seen as letting their emotions rule over them instead of applying logic in a situation. Women were then, were seen as too fragile and too sympathetic by nature to hear awful crimes that happened during a case. If a woman is 45 years old or older she was born into this outdated society. In other part of the world, most especially in the Muslim world and South Asia it is more or less a curse to be a female because most women in this part of the world are not given education beyond primary school because as usual society tells them to be …show more content…
Religions and cultures across the globe all emphasize on submission to a man, but it is ironic that all of these religions emphasize how precious a mother is , yet women and her society would refuse to recognize this as if mothers are not women. It is also ironic that all religions state that male and female come from God or where created equally in the image and likeness of God. The Bible and the Koran states that a woman was created from the rib of a man and not from the feet of a man just so he can have dominion over a woman, neither does the Bible and Koran say that a woman was created from the head of a man to subdue a man as well. In other words both men and women should work hand in hand to develop agreements between themselves. But can we say that about society with regards to women today? How then did women get this far despite the fact that even religion permits equity? Could it be that women have allowed irrelevant and incoherent issues with regards to gender roles dominate

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