Gender Inequality : A Social Problem Essay

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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a social problem that has been spread across the whole United States.Gender inequality relates to biased treatment and judgements based on an individual 's gender.Through the years many women have been treated differently than men,at home and at the workplace. Till this day women have been fighting their way to gain the same equality and power as men.Gender inequality is a very important subject to me since as a girl I was raised to follow my dreams and to never give up on my dreams my parents always stated I can do anything I set my mind to.Till this day women are treated as if they are not capable to do certain things as men.This discrimination towards women has a huge impact on society today but for the better since women are taking over more than ever. Women have been fighting for their equality in the past years and have surpassed their goals,a lot has improved.Yet women are still looked upon in our society today.If you look around men are still taking the lead in many situations.Gender inequality is not only crucial to myself but to others also.If you compare the statistics women have been involved more than ever than from years ago,their involvement has created change their empowerment has shined through from the past ten years.Women can do the exact same as men do so why are they still receiving unequal treatment.It 's sad to see how some individuals see women as not stern enough.For example in the beginning of september I…

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