Gender Identity Essay

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Deanna Hancock
November 24, 2014

Literature Review: This article is discussing the role of gender identity in an adolescent's growing of age. This is an important part of their lives. Gender identity started coming around in the 1970's where there were more homosexuals and more health concerns related with their population. This gave the community a larger conflict to study and having to learn to cope with the growing numbers of homosexuals in the area. Most people believe that the result of their homosexuality came about from their childhood experiences. Studies show that it is more common for a child who was abused at home is more likely to become a homosexual than not, this is the behavior that results in health concerns such as
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Bisexuality showed more of a risk of victimization due to the male and female partners. Both groups of homosexuals showed more ditching school and fighting in class because of the retaliation between the groups. This makes them feel very unsafe at their school making them not want to go. This can also lead to future dropouts of high school, or even not wanting to get a degree in college, because it makes for a bad experience growing up they will always remember how they were treated in school. The results show that the schools need to start helping solve these problems, perhaps becoming more stricht on the fighting and giving more disciplinary actions. There should be no reason that the adolescents aren't showing up for class or they're worried they will be caught in a fight with someone who is against their identity decision. The school counselors can also talk to the students about these changes in some people's lives, making the other students who are heterosexual more aware that there is a growing number of homosexuals in their school. If the students are more comfortable with these minorities then there wouldn't be any problems occuring like this. This can all relate to the bullying epidemic our world faces right now. The adolescent's view on bullying turns and makes them depressed which causes more suicides and suicidal thoughts. The ethnic and cultural side of the gender minorities

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