Cultural Diversity And Cultural Humility

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Deciding on which population to use for the immersion project took a few different turns; at the beginning this writer had thought maybe indigenous people of North America. Unfortunately, well maybe by fortune, the cultural activities specific to that population slipped by. Having had some internship and volunteer experience with the LGBTQ community, at the Rainbow Community Center in Concord, California this writer thought this would be an ideal community for this project. On November 7th 2015, this writer volunteered to help at the 3rd Annual Welcoming Schools and Communities Summit 2015, that was held at Olympic High School in Concord, California. At the summit this writer listened, as a panel of four Trans* youth, explained what life was like for them and discovered that being Trans* was more complicated than the writer had imagined. It was then, that this writer knew that to be able to serve the Trans* community with cultural humility, this writer needed to learn more.
The American Psychological Association’s website states, “Transgender persons have been documented in many
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Cultural humility, as described by Tervalon & Murray-Garcia (1998), is a “life-long process of self-evaluation and self-critique” (p. 123). The process of cultural humility must be ongoing, because as soon as we think we have it, we are far from it. Humility calls for a person to be open and willing to admit they are wrong and have a desire to learn. This project has enlightened this writer with the knowledge that, cultural humility also requires that action must be taken. When you offend, it is not enough to say oops, I’m sorry; one must actively work on not offending again and be truly conscience-stricken. Without action cultural humility is not possible; this concept seems to be difficult for many people who hold privilege in today’s

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