Gender Identity Essay

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Gender Identity
This paper will discuss issues dealing with the roles of biological factors, (nature), and environmental influences, (nurture), on sexual differentiation and gender identity. The author, Troy Stutsman, will evaluate and give a determination as to which has the greater influence on gender identity: nature or nurture. Also discussed will be the current arguments about sexual identity and how evidence from biopsychology which may help to resolve the argument.
What is gender identity Gender identity is a person’s concept of him or herself whether male or female, this can be either the same as their biological gender or it could be different (Schwartz, 2008). Most of the people out there are satisfied at being
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This title has an influence on the type of work women do, including their role in society (Ohle, 2006). This leads to the belief that sex is associated with biology and a man or women’s gender identity in any society is determined socially and psychologically which includes historically and culturally (Ohle, 2006). In the determination of gender identity, social and cultural perceptions of what is considered masculine and feminine traits along with roles have to be considered. It is believed that gender is a learned process through socialization and by the culture of the society involved (Ohle, 2006). Most cultures encourage boys to participate in acts associated with conceived male traits such as playing with guns and physical games such as football and baseball, while girls are encouraged to play with dolls and have tea parties while playing dress-up. This encouragement carries over into the type of discipline handed out to each gender and what types of careers they can aspire to. Most of this influence can be found in how men and women are portrayed in the media (Ohle, 2006). It is known, however, that during the gestation period, the brain of a fetus starts to produce testosterone on developing nerve cells which then become either male or female in the absence of hormones (Swaab & Garcia-Falgueras, 2009). The fetus will become a male if testosterone is produced and female if it is not. Every fetus begins life as a female because of the X

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