Gender Identity Essay

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Gender Identity

Autumn Messina


January 24, 2011
Melynda Marchi

Gender Identity

The development of our gender identity is influenced by both the biological nature of a person and society, but the biology is the foundation of our gender identity. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the interaction between hormones and behavior, and how these interactions affect the determination of gender identity, the roles of biological factors nature and environmental influences, nurture on sexual differentiation and gender identity and which has the greater influence on gender identity: nature or nurture. Hormones and gender interaction will argue that biological psychology and environmental
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Abraham Maslow, the psychologist accredited to theories explaining the humanistic theory of personality, states that there are more similarities between the sexes than differences (Maslow). Maslow studied humans from the point of view of motivation, and determined that everyone is motivated first by biological necessity, such as hunger, and secondly by success. What this means is that on a biological level, both males and females have certain needs, whereas only on a higher motivational level do differences start to appear. According to an article published in the Psychology Encyclopedia, it states, “In the time of ancient Greece and Rome, many philosophers theorized that women were incomplete men. These theories seem to have influenced the early psychologists as well” (Lane). The article goes on to say that even the 19th century psychologists made sweeping generalizations with regard to their views of men and women, namely that women were more nurturing than men. While these theories are accepted to a point, there is sufficient study that shows that women and men have similarities as well as differences. This would seem to suggest that there are more biological similarities between the sexes than there are differences, as the study of chromosomes and hormones tells us. On the environmental side of the issue, everyone is born into a specific environmental structure, and the environment influences everyone during

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