Gender, Gender And Gender Socialization Essay

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a. Gender socialization/pg. 74: learning society’s “gender map,” the paths in life set out for us because we are male or female. The path laid out for both the male and female gender in China is very obvious. Males in China are much more wanted in the country than females are. Many males in China’s culture are raised as single children and are very spoiled and get almost anything they want. The males are treated this way because they are then expected to stay with the family to take care of the elders later in life. Males are also wanted more than females because they are to carry on the family name. A female will typically marry another man which means that female’s last name will get changed and less of a chance to carry on the female’s family name exists. Females early on in life in China realize their place in society. They are not as wanted as men are and typically cannot get the same type of treatment as men do. They are treated with less respect and most often have a hard time finding as good of a job as men can in China. The paths between a male and female in China is also different in the way of responsibilities that they have. A male would most likely have little to no responsibilities because they are spoiled. On the other hand a female may receive more chores around the house and other responsibilities because the family most likely did not want a girl as their child but unless other means are taken, the family must accept the fact that the child is a…

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