Gender, Gender And Gender Differences And The Way We Are Raised

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1. If women have carriages for them only then men should have carriages exclusively for them as well. I think it is a good thing for women to have them because women tend to be the victims of more crimes than men and therefore should be able to feel safe in an all women carriage. If men are excluded from these carriages they should at least have their own carriages to be able to ride in. Some positives of this is that women no longer have to worry about possible being assaulted by men while riding the metro. A negative aspect is that perhaps with this change and separation more segregation will come into place and instead of working towards a more integrated gender environment we become less integrated and increase the gender differences that exist today.
2. I think that our gendered behavior is defined by how society has implemented gender differences and the way we are raised. From a young age we are raised to obvious gender difference in all aspect from clothing, toys, games, even when at school there are many gender differences that we see. For example when going to a store there are gender differences in the boys and girls sections because everyone knows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. These differences shape how we define a boy and a girl, as well as what behavior is the ‘right’ way to act.
3. Some implications that come from appropriate behavior for each gender are that they are strictly to one gender for example, it is negatively looked at if a boy did…

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