Gender Discrimination Should Not Be Allowed For The Freedom Of Our Own Ideas By The Constitution Of The United

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Democracy is a government that gives power to the people and this is the type of government we have in the U.S.
In todays society discrimination should not occur because we have been granted to the freedom of our own ideas by the Constitution of the United States. An individual that has judged you because you are doing something that they do not approve of personally can cause discrimination. Some categories of discrimination might be your ethnicity, sex, religion, or wealth. Back in the day men went to work to provide for their families while the women stayed home and took care of the housework. Stereotypes can be basic or complex based on their appearance, behavior and beliefs or can be known as androgynous. A women and a man should be able to play both part without being judges but because of the world live in today this cannot happen. Stereotypes are used in our society today we use this everyday and are taught by the media, parenting, culture and religion.
Gender Equality would have the greatest impact on advancing democracy because if everyone was treated equal and was able to voice their personal opinions without being judge based on their gender, ethnicity or sexuality the world would have a bigger picture on what could occur to help benefit us today in our society. The main topic that stood out to me in Women Rights. Gender was a huge factor back in the days and today it may still occur being that the society doesn’t see a woman capable of becoming President.…

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