Gender Discrimination And Inadequate Representation Of Minority Groups

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The Prime Time Television is a rich source of entertainment to those who like watching soap operas for their daily refreshment. Those who have their free time during the day or even at night are all catered for because there are soaps scheduled to be aired during the day and others during the night. One of the most thrilling soap opera aired by the channel is “As The world Turns” which is an eye opener to the so called racial discrimination and inadequate representation of minority groups, with most of its characters having a diverse background from each other since they range from the African Americans, Asian American and the Hispanic Americans. Although the characters play different roles, they differ from each other in the way they are assigned different roles .The producer of the Soap Opera has arranged his characters in a way likely to depict that they show the real picture of what happens in the modern society today regarding the way human beings treat each other( Lavelle,2015).
For instance, there are several African American characters that their roles differ from those of the other characters with a different ethnic background. They include characters like, Mark Adrian, who plays the role of a Driver whereby he is responsible for driving the rich white to wherever they want to go and even picking their children from schools in the Soap Opera. The other character is a beautiful African American who is a female known as Cathy Dianne…

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