Essay about Gender Discrimination Against Women 's Workplace

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Gender discrimination against women in workplace. This problem affects all women.
During the early years in America women did not have the same right and the privileges as men. Women were given the role to stay at home to take care of the children and tending to domestic affairs.This changed when congress passed the constitutional amendment allowing women to vote. Though the amendment failed In 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was submitted by congress. The ERA banned sex discrimination , but women are still struggling to receive equality till this day This specifically affects all women. This is a problem because women are not treated equally.Gender discrimination is a problem because women are not treated equally
If the problem is not solved women will not be treated equally in the workforce or society. The people have the power to solve this problem. The problem hasn’t been solved yet due to lack of diversity training The United States is known for a place of opportunity when it comes to those who are willing to work and get the job done. However, when it comes to a certain group like Women America seems to fail on this. Women are not given to same opportunity as men. Especially when it comes to the workforce.Imagine coming in a day at work knowing that other employees have the same hours and they receive a higher paycheck. How about knowing that other…

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