Gender Differences: Gender Roles Around The World

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Gender Roles
Gender roles refers to the set of social and behavioral norms that are considered to be appropriated for specific sex. Throughout years genders roles has changed. For example Colorado was the first state granting women the right to vote with Utah and Idaho. Genders roles vary in different countries all around the world from labor, marriage, and socialization. Genders roles changes in culture throughout division of labor, society, marriage, behavior, education, and religion.
Most stereotypes classified that " a women place is in the house". Has most people think the role of a women is as a wife and mother. She is to be nurturing, compassionate, housekeeper, carrying, and supportive to the family. On the other hand, the roles of a men is as a husband and a father, and the family breadwinner. He is to be strong, storic, responsible and in charge. Throughout generations this role has changed. In the 20th centaury, women in most nation increase their education
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In the past, in a marriage the men was in charge. Nowadays, in most marriage develop a "equal sharing". They develop a plan of responsibilities for duties, chores, and economically. In some places it used to be that women took the religion of their future husband. Instead today, most of the time the man 's wishes are no to determine. However in some place they still follow their traditions. In the past, men and women were segregated base on their race and couldn 't marry. However today, men and women base on what ever race they are and religion they follow in America can be marry. Gender roles are changing dramatically the in some states in the United States, gender from the same sex: women and women or men and men, can be marry; have children a and have a family. This is so dramatically because how can churches support this. African American women 's are taught to be independent, strong, and educated rather then to rely on a marriage for economic

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