Gender Differences: Gender Experiences, Gender And Society

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Gender Experiences
Gender and Society
Donna S. Brown

Gender norms have been altered throughout time. Gender norms have molded society; how it works and how it evolves. Today’s society is more accepting yet gender still plays an important role in the world. Many people believe that equality has been realized and that gender no longer needs to be addressed. I believe that, in some situations, gender discrimination is still alive and impacts people’s lives with relationships, family, and career. It is known that gender norms differ from one locale to another. No one can assume that what happens in their country is the same for another. Values, beliefs, and laws all influence each country’s perception
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They all had a mother and father who raised them. The two younger interviewees stated that their mother always worked and that their parents divorced. They grew up living with their mother whom they both claim did a terrific job of playing both mom and dad. Both told of how she would find ways to approach things from a unisex view. The younger male interviewee told of how his mother taught him domestic skills as well as played ball with him; even serving as his assistant boy scout leader for a few years. The older interviewee explained that his father worked and his mother stayed home to raise him and his …show more content…
We should not have to be judged by society or do something one way because society dictates it. I do agree that women and men should be treated fairly, allowed the same rights, and be compensated equally for the same work done. Gender equality is not, nor will it ever be, a simple task to accomplish. I believe that it is important that new ways of thinking can only create a change for the better in society. I believe that each of us has to do the work and ask ourselves what is best for us and our

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