Essay on Gender Differences Between Sex And Gender

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In our modern times with ever-changing attitudes, it is becoming more important to distinguish between sex and gender. Sociologists describe sex as the biological differences between a male and a female, particularly anatomically and physiologically (Newman, 2016). Moreover, it helps to explain the genitalia differences, as well as our differences in hormones. Some may see sex as more difficult to define – it is not as easy as black and white – and may be seen as something continuous instead, rather than only male and female.

Whereas sex is more universally defined, gender can vary in each society; the “norms, roles and relationships” (Newman, 2016, para.14) of socially defined characteristics can change for both men and women.

British society traditionally saw male or female distinguished aspects as being more easily defined than today’s way of modern thinking. Gone are the days of a female wanting to be seen as a male in society (and vice versa) as being wrong or publicly offensive to the more traditional onlooker. While there may still be times that some feel they must adhere to society’s traditional gender roles, it is becoming more acceptable to publicly show one’s gender choice, rather than live by doing gender, which Little et al (2014) described as performing gender-assigned tasks, which they ultimately also assign upon themselves. I am proud to say that Great Britain (GB) is becoming a more liberal country, but I feel we still have a long way to go before…

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