Determinist's Theory On Gender Identity

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Are women and men born or are they made by society’s values and expectations? The terms of sex and gender are often confused or interchanged mistakeably by people and most people think they are the same (Woolfolk and Margets, 2013, p. 4). Sex refers to the biological form of male and female to which you were born with the accompanying internal and external attributes but gender is to reference ‘male’ or ‘masculine’ and ‘female’ or ‘feminine’ qualities as defined by cultural, psychological, social values, attitudes and sexual identity (Bessant and Watts, 2007, p. 212).

Perhaps the question can be answered from a nature –vs- nurture viewpoint. Research by Dr John Money (Bader, 2014) suggested that children are born gender neutral regardless
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Determinist’s theory on gender identity is that hormones, chemicals and complex brain message systems are what shapes a person and what they will become (Bessant and Watts 2007, pp. 213-217). One such famous biological determinist was Charles Darwin. To this day his theories are still openly discussed as correct even though people can now chose the sex of their child using I.V.F. processes and alter genes to remove disease or disability, which ultimately changes the persons’ fate and their roles in society as medical science allows people to play God and not biology with each generation …show more content…
Children are aware of their biological sexual differences from around 6 years of age but gender differences are reinforced by society, family and schools from birth (Cole & Cole, 1993, p.367). Sociocultural factors are more likely to be presented in schools which is where children first learn negative stereotyping, gender bias and discrimination which carries to adulthood and to society (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2013, p. 43). Educators need to be aware of their own biases to ensure they make an effort to reinforce positive gender stereotypes whilst children are learning their values and morals expected of them. With each new generation gender stereotypes and biases are slowly being modified, accepted or removed entirely from most societies and cultures. This again argues that society is the basis for gender identification and making men and women into what society requests they are and not biological

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