Analysis Of The Gender Pay Gap

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The topic of gender discrimination has lingered as an open wound for decades in cultures across the world. There are countries and societies where women are considered lesser beings. Their opinions disregarded, others claim their bodies and voicing their opinions is often considered outrageous. While these injustices seem foreign and unimaginable in the United States, we have our own plethora of issues. Women aren’t treated as a whole human in dozens of countries and America, unfortunately, lines the list. The Gender Pay Gap is an alarming statistic that impacts women across the country. According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women are paid 79 cents to every one-dollar a man makes. Many are quick to assume that women are often paid less because they choose lower-paying jobs, they tend to have more caregiving responsibilities or they just work part-time more often compared to male counterparts. In order to fix the gap, one must understand it and then together male and female Americans must join forces to close it. …show more content…
Some theories include that men are more aggressive in asking for promotions and raises at their jobs. That aggression can be attributed to the fact that typically, men face more societal pressure in order to be the “breadwinner” or a family and make enough to provide for himself and his family in order to stay comfortable. Another theory is that men are more attracted to more lucrative fields such as engineering, private equity, management consulting and finance. Could this be due to the lack of educated women in the work force? “Women receive more college and graduate degrees than

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