Gender Behavior From Our Parents And Seeing Things On Television

889 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
We learn are gender behavior from our parents and seeing things on tv , movies and, of course are everyday people . In my experience in the women’s view they want the same things as always for women to wear less and show more skin and more make up. But then criticize you when you try to live up to expectations and you have to follow all the trends. I don’t wear them but some of my friends do so the new popular thing is to wear is chokers that a necklace. But if you wear it some say it’s means you give bj away so it’s always negativity either way you dress . But for some people like myself don’t care and will wear what I want and think is cute it doesn’t matter. What people think they aren’t wearing it so they shouldn’t care .

then there is men view of women it’s still the same way they judge and approve of things . some men see us women as objects things to play games with like we are toys . But not all men are like that their is still some men with respect and see us as equals .Today’s world is not faithful it’s rare now in days for my generation and my experience. That there is a chance you are not the only one in your partner’s life it’s called the side Man or Women . Or one is keeping people as back ups just in case the relationship ends it’s sad but its is what it is . An men also want women to wear little clothing and to wear a lot of makeup .But then flip it around and complain about how they are dressed . And that we are all the same and we dress the same. So we are…

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