Gender-Based Violence Essay

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Gender Base Violence

ENG 122

Alfred Penny Jr.

Saint Leo College

Gender-based Violence

Gender-based violence is understood, explained, or justified in terms of gender roles, gender difference, or gender inequality. Most of the violence is perpetrated by men against women. Gender-based violence is often physical abuse, often involving sexuality, but it may also be psychological. Violence against women occurs in every segment of society. It doesn’t matter what class your in (upper, middle, lower), ethnicity (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian), culture (African-American, German, French), or country (Europe, United States). Various forms of violence and coercion are against women. Most of these crimes against women are
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Harassment leads to job turnover, medical insurance claims, absenteeism, and reduced productivity, it is costly for economy as a whole (Sapiro 398). Although the law on sexual harassment has become stricter, most women still do not complain about harassment, either because they do not think that anything would be done to the perpetrator or because they think they would be penalized for complaining. Much harassment amounts to taking gender-based communication which men fall into a habit of engaging in, women find offensive and harmful. Some men find jokes that demean women funny; they’re used to repeating them to each other in the workplace and see no reason why they should have to stop just because the women in the office don’t find it funny. Men who tend to overread sexuality in women’s behavior are likely to think their reactions demonstrate pleasure. Harassment is not just about sexuality; it is also about dominance (Sapiro, 400-401).
Another type of gender-based balance is sexual assault. Sexual Assault occurs when the act is intentional and is committed either by a) physical force, violence, threat, or intimidation; b) ignoring the objections of another person; c) causing another's intoxication or impairment through the use of drugs or alcohol; or d) taking advantage of another person's incapacitation, state of

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