Gender Based Violence In Africa

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Literature review
This section will review related literature from various sources such as books, internet and circulars. The literature will only look at gender based violence.
Gender based violence has been regarded as one of the worst common form of oppression. It occurs across the globe and it has gradually gained international recognition for the past few decades .GBV has become a gross human right affecting all societies, Africa included also. UN Women (2011) indicated that the global rates of GBV are high in developing countries, with some of the most extreme rates in African countries. As mentioned by Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky, she stated that of all the issues gender-based violence was the most widespread
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Gender based violence is usually characterized by the use and abuse of physical, emotional, or financial power and control. In addition, Terry and Hoare (2007) alluded that, gbv takes many forms and it can be experienced differently throughout the life cycle, from the prenatal phase to old age and the patterns vary from place to place. As indicated by Green (1999) GBV can also happen at the community and societal levels. The definitions of wrong doing through violence vary according to shifting patterns of class, race, and gender relations rather than being founded on a universal notion of intrinsic harm. In most of the countries where GBV takes place women and girls are the most at risk and most …show more content…
From another study done in Eritrea OMCT (2003) found that 40 percent of women had been victims of domestic violence. Amankwah, (2008) further indicated that from the 2003 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey that was carried out 19.8 percent of men and 34 percent of women considered it acceptable for husbands to beat their wives if she goes out without telling him. Coomaraswamy (2003) also supports that notion he stated that in GUINEA-BISSAU, domestic violence, including wife beating, is reportedly an accepted means of settling domestic

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