Gender And Sports For New Zealand Essay

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New Zealand is unique in that sports make up a disproportionate amount of news and media coverage with 44% of televisions stories being about sports or celebrities, compared to 10% worldwide (Comrie & McMillan, 2013). Males sports teams make up most of the high profile sports teams both worldwide and within New Zealand, and this reduces the proportion of women appearing in the media. Over thirty years of research on gender and sports in the media in New Zealand, men have constantly made up over 80% of sports coverage, and women less than 10% (Bruce, 2008). The coverage of women presents them as extra, or abnormal, with men’s sport being the usual. Worldwide, the main sporting teams are almost always male, such as the All Blacks and the Black Caps, with the only major national sports team of women in New Zealand is the Silver Ferns. Although there are female teams of the major international sports, such as the Black Ferns and the White Ferns, they do not receive anywhere near the same recognition within the media. This attitude contributes to greater inequality, as it supports ideas around female inferiority, and suggesting that women’s actions and interests are not as important or interesting as those of men. The masculine focus of sports in New Zealand means that it also affects those who present the information, including journalists and news presenters, with less than 10% of full time sports reporters being female. In a country such as New Zealand where sport is such a…

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