Gender And Race And Gender Essay

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Gender and race are diversly represented in popular musical genres. In society ,over the years, often enough an artist’s music will influence the audience’s personal identity. Exploring gender and race, this paper will identify how these are represented across performance of genres. It will ask how these representations are maintained and how they affect or challenge the identity of their audience. Focusing on female rock, country, heavy metal and hip hop will identify the diversity of gender and race perspectives.

Though Hip hop is dominated by the black male culture, it is obvious that how race is portrayed comes from a white mans perspective. The performances surrounding black culture reflect a limited perception of what being a black man means. C.Belle (2014) argues that rap’s common themes of drugs, sex and crime define black males as angry and violent. Snoop Dog, a contemporary rapper demonstrates this perception promoting drug use, pornographic and sexist lyrics in his early music. His performances on stage too are characterised by hypersexual identity in choreography and sexualised costumes. However, the misogynist nature of his music is credited as normal representations of gender and race in the hip hop musical genre. Black masculinity is admitted by C.Belle (2014) to bring to mind the cliché of a ‘thug’(p.289) which creates similar assumptions of aggressive stereotypes.

The concept of ‘girlhood’ became a wildly popular trend by female rock artists in their…

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