Gender And Gender Inequality

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Register to read the introduction… Once children are born and raised the recommended way of life in terms of their culture and the social norms form the roles of their gender. For example, in warrior communities men are only supposed to be protecting the communities while women serve and take care of their ‘masters’. However, in today’s modern society, men and women are seen as equals and should therefore assume the same responsibilities. Alternatively, by looking at the dynamics of a society one thing becomes clear. Through socialization and other forms of human interaction, individuals learn to differentiate the accepted code of behavior leading to their distinctive roles in society. It is this kind of diversity that drives the uproar for change and better gender representation in all the aspects of life. (See for instance Coon, 2001). For example, parents buying specific toys to communicate different gender roles for a girl and a boy.
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In the modern world, women in a higher political class seem to be treated with much more respect than women in a lower political class. This also applies to both men and women in terms of their leadership potential. It has always been evident that these positions change the perceived defined role of one’s gender in society. Women in higher political class assume leadership and authority in the society while the lower class women assume a role in the home & kitchen. In actuality, political class creates inequality among the gender roles. In a less liberalized world, the elite leaders are treated as more equal than the lower class. The security detail of the rich and the higher class automatically eliminates the disadvantaged in the society. Consequently, drawing a lie between the poor and the rich. The assumption that the rich are better secured actually has led to

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