Gender And Gender Impact On The Life Of One Man Essay

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Teenagers spend roughly 31 hours a week watching television (Miss Representation). This is a huge influence on their life and when looking at what is being portrayed this includes men being in power, women used as objects and people of color being marginalized. This institutionalized influence makes it relatable since it is taught from such a young age (Martin). My analysis shows that even in presumably progressive shows such as Louie that shed light on many of the worlds issue we are still only hearing the story from a white, cis-gendered man.
Louie centers on the life of one man that is a privileged white CIS gender man living in New York. He is divorced and has two kids. The data collected from Louie are from Episodes 1-3 from Season 1. It is roughly an hour and a half of information where I looked at who the main characters were, the story line of the episodes and how the main characters carried themselves, in dress, tone and interactions.
Louie is upholding traditional male roles by have men hold the dominant roles. This is constituted as doing gender. From a societal approach we see that men are thought to be leaders. This is supposed to support the natural differences within the gender (Doing Gender Candance West; Don Zimmerman). This is in constant use during the study. Louie is given the leader role when he is on the bus and the bus driver asks him for directions on where the kids are going. Then when the bus breaks down he is looked at to find the solution. Even…

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